Trustee User Representatives

Trustee User Representatives (TURs) are 3 customers who influence how we support and involve people who use our services. They do this by representing people who use Papworth Trust services at Trustee meetings.


TURs also lead the Forum, a meeting for people we support to have their say.

Paul Johnson

Paul is the Trustee User Representative for our leisure and learning and work services.

Paul says, "I like to make a difference and make people's lives more livable and pleasant. Get involved in the work of the Trust, you will really enjoy it, meet new people and learn new skills."

Martha Grace

Martha is the Trustee User Representative for our home and care services.

Martha says, "As a TUR, it is my goal to represent customers and be their voice, reporting their views at Trustee meetings. I am here to report things that need improving, as well as things that are going well."

Rob Nixon

Rob is the Trustee User Representative for our information and advice service and for fundraising and volunteering.

Rob says, "I am very excited to be a TUR. My goal is to make sure I do the very best for all the users of Papworth Trust"