What we want to achieve

The need for our services keeps growing. We have worked with the people we support to set out a plan so that we can help more people with better services every year.


Our plan

We will offer a growing range of essential services for disabled people and their families and carers, so we can support more people every year to live as independently as possible. You should get a consistent, good quality service from us whether you are in Milton Keynes or Lowestoft, Norwich or Waltham Forest.

To help us to do this, at least a fifth of everything that we do should be paid for by fundraising and volunteering.

We will continue to campaign with you to change Government policy and to challenge what people think about disability. The more people that get involved, the greater effect we can have.

This is what we want to achieve in our different services:

Care and support

We will:

  • Support 750 people every year by increasing the size of the service
  • Deliver a Care Hub to train unemployed people as carers
  • Develop our own Personal Assistant (PA) agency
  • Explore a volunteer led monitoring service that will visit vulnerable people and act as an early warning service
  • Deliver support services such as payroll, HR advice and Personal Assistant training, where these are not provided effectively by mainstream providers.

Homes and repairs

We will:

  • Increase the number of homes we offer as a social landlord to a minimum of 710 homes, 80% of which will be wheelchair accessible
  • Fundraise at least £500k every year to contribute to the building of new accessible homes
  • Develop an exemplar building schemes for an accessible bungalow
  • Use volunteers to broaden the range of services available.

Leisure and learning

We will:

  • Increase the range of holidays we offer, including possibly creating a second farm
  • Investigate the development of a friendship or dating agency
  • Provide a short-term respite service
  • Establish a peer support network so people can share experiences and advice
  • Expand our range of social enterprises, and the services offered by existing social enterprises
  • Investigate a mentoring scheme.

Work and training

We will:

  • Investigate the establishment of sector-related training
  • Explore opportunities to develop or partner a recruitment agency
  • Develop a network of support champions such as volunteer mentors, coaches and peer support
  • Expand the current Rehabilitation service.