Discretionary Housing Payments information

A Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) is a payment you could get from your Local Authority if you need extra help with housing costs.


‘Bedroom tax’ and Discretionary Housing Payments

Papworth Trust is calling on the Government and Local Authorities to make sure disabled people do not lose out under the 'bedroom tax' policy if they have nowhere to downsize to or if they need an extra bedroom.


In February 2014 we asked people to tell us about the impact that the 'bedroom tax' was having on them and sent Freedom of Information requests to councils. This research told us that over three quarters of councils are ignoring the Government on Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) and are penalising disabled people as a result.

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In July 2013, we published our second report recommending ways of Making Discretionary Housing Payments work for disabled people. Such as, ensuring people living in adapted properties are exempt from the size criteria and issuing stronger guidance to Local Authorities.

When it was first introduced, our tenants told us about the impact the 'bedroom tax' was having on them. In April 2013 we published our first report, Nowhere to go, no way to pay, that highlights cases where disabled people would lose out whether or not they moved home. The report argues that the state will also lose out from a blanket application of the 'bedroom tax', as it takes no account of the cost of adapting disabled people's homes, and may force them to leave a home that has been specifically adapted to meet their needs.