Our services mainly cover the East of England, but we also provide national services


Report a repair or emergency

If you are a Papworth Trust tenant, you can report a repair to the maintenance team by phone or by email.


In an emergency, you should call our repair number, 0800 169 4505.

Is it an emergency?

We count these things as emergencies:

  • boiler breakdown
  • loss of heating
  • loss of water
  • loss of electricity
  • leaks that cannot be isolated or stopped
  • accidental damage (for example, caused by severe weather conditions) that could cause further damage or injury.

Our repair line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you call us on Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm your call will be answered by our maintenance team, but outside of these hours your call will be diverted to a call centre. The person who answers your call will arrange for a contractor to deal with the emergency, and if necessary the contractor will get in touch with the Papworth Trust duty manager.

If you need something repaired and it is not an emergency, you can either call our repair number on 0800 169 4505 or email housing@papworthtrust.org.uk. We will then deal with your request on the next working day.

Not a tenant?

If you are not a Papworth Trust tenant but need help with jobs around your home or garden, our handyperson service can help. Our handypeople can do many jobs such as fixing dripping taps, window cleaning, putting together flat pack furniture, painting, decorating and much more.

Please call 0800 169 4505 or email housing@papworthtrust.org.uk to find out more or to book.