Top tips for staying warm in cold weather

Keep warm in cold weather with our top tips.


1. Eat for heat

If you've used the oven to cook, leave the door open after it has been switched off to let the hot air circulate.

2. Layer up

One thick layer won't keep you as warm as plenty of thin ones so pile them on. Thinner layers are often cheaper to buy too.

3. A warm glow

A few candles can give off a surprising amount of heat, just be careful where you put them and never leave them unattended.

4. Give your radiators some space

Keeping furniture away from radiators and removing items from beneath them enables the warm air to circulate around the room.

5. Close off the cold

By keeping the door shut, the room you're in will heat up more quickly and stay warmer for longer. Closing the doors of rooms not being used will also help to keep out the cold.

6. Ditch the draughts

Using draught excluders against your front and back doors is a cheap way to keep out the cold.

7. Get snug in your seat

Rather than reaching for the thermostat, try sitting on a low wattage heating pad.

8. As the nights draw in...

Draw the curtains at night even in rooms not being used to prevent heat escaping through your windows. Don't forget to open them again in the morning to let any sunshine in to heat your home for free.

9. Hug a hot water bottle

Fill up a hot water bottle and switch off your heating before you go to bed. Make sure it is set to come on again before you get up to avoid frosty feet!

10. Give the Home Heat Helpline a call

They provide information on grants available for home insulation, reduced energy tariffs for disabled people, and advice on how to manage your bills. You can contact them for free on 0800 336 699 (minicom 0800 027 2122) or visit www.homeheathelpline.org.uk.

For more information and enquiries

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