Advice for young people with additional needs

As a teenager or young adult, you may be starting to think more about the future.


Learning life skills now will be really useful as you become an adult.

These skills will help you to be more independent and do things like:

  • shopping, cooking and cleaning
  • making new friends
  • managing your money
  • moving out of your parents' home

You can practise these skills at home, school or college and at activity clubs you go to.

And the best thing? Having these skills will keep you healthy and safe without needing to rely on other people as much.

Making new friends

Got some free time and want to meet new friends? Check out the Local Offer in your area for information on local clubs and groups.

Disability advice

We can help you with disability benefit related enquiries for children and under-19s. Contact us on 0800 952 5000 or email iag@papworthtrust.org.uk.