Our services mainly cover the East of England, but we also provide national services


Our rehabilitation programmes

After you have been referred to us, we will meet with you to find out what impact your injury has had on your life and plan how we can help you achieve your goals. We will tailor your rehabilitation programme to meet your needs.


Our programmes often start with a centre based stay. We will then support you in your local area with our outreach programme.
Centre based programme

You will stay with us in Papworth Everard to attend our centre based programme at our Rehabilitation Centre.

On weekdays we'll plan your itinerary based on what you need to achieve your rehabilitation goals. Sessions include fitness, independent living, therapies and work skills. We'll be able to support you to plan your evenings and weekends.

Outreach programme

Your outreach programme starts once you’re home. We will continue to support you where you live with visits, telephone calls and emails so that you can work towards your rehabilitation goals in your local area.