Our services mainly cover the East of England, but we also provide national services

Preliminary assessment

The Preliminary Assessment is the first meeting we have, which usually takes place at your home.

Planning assessment

The planning assessment takes place at our centre in Papworth Everard at a convenient time for you.


What clients often ask us

You may have been referred to our service by your solicitor, employer, case manager or the insurer and are wondering who we are and how we can help you.


We hope this information will answer some of these questions:

  • Who is Papworth Trust?
  • What will you do for me?
  • If I'm recommended to come to your centre in Papworth Everard - where will I stay?
  • Who do you work for?
  • Can I speak to somebody who has already been on the programme?
Who is Papworth Trust Rehabilitation?

We are an independent rehabilitation centre working with seriously injured individuals who want to return to work after an accident. We are part of a large charity and have been offering our service to people like you since 1995.

What will you do for me?

We aim to design a plan that addresses all the issues and barriers that prevent you from returning to work, and, in many cases, helping you to find a new career direction.

Once we have completed some necessary background paperwork, we will meet with you to go through a preliminary assessment either at your home or at our centre in Papworth Everard if you live locally.

You will meet with a member of our medical team and vocational team to talk about your injury and the impact it has had on you.

This will help us to decide the support you need from us, whether this is a more in-depth assessment by our team (which takes place over a 10 day period at our centre) or support in your local area.

If we are unable to help you we will provide you with the details of other organisations that may be able to.

Where will I stay if I attend a residential programme at your centre?

We will find you local accommodation to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Clients that live locally prefer to travel on a daily basis.

Who do you work for?

Our team works solely for you and their entire focus is helping you to maximise your rehabilitation. As we are part of a large charity, we are truly independent.

Can I speak to somebody who has already been on the programme?

We can put you in touch with someone who has been on the rehabilitation programme. You can speak to them about what we do and the benefit it can have on your future life.

What is a typical day?

Usually sessions run from Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 12.30pm, then 1.30pm to 4.30pm. The Friday session generally has an earlier finish so that you can travel home for the weekend if you wish to.

You will have an individual weekly itinerary with sessions such as physiotherapy, attending the gym, independent living, work placements, training and employment related skills. You will also work with other clients for discussion groups and social therapy. We will support you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

How long is the programme?

We design the programme around you. You can be at the centre for up to 12 weeks. Then we'll work with you for up to 12 weeks at home.

What work placements will I be doing?

Your vocational adviser will find you suitable work placements to boost your confidence and give you the chance to test a variety of career options. We will discuss possible placements with you to find one that is local, relevant and of interest to you.

How does the outreach programme work?

After your stay at our centre we will work with you to find local work placements and employment near to where you live. We'll find you a local gym so you can continue your physiotherapy. We can also find you other therapies if you need them.

Do I have a choice over what happens?

We help you to drive your own progress. We'll support you to overcome any barriers you are facing. The rehab team will give you advice and guidance to help you make decisions about your future career.

Can I go home at weekends?

Some people like to go home for the weekend to visit family and friends, but others prefer to stay in Papworth Everard. The choice is entirely up to you. There are no timetabled activities over a weekend, but often our clients arrange activities amongst themselves such as a trip to the Duxford Air Show, shopping and barbecues.

What facilities does Papworth Everard have?

The village of Papworth Everard has a small supermarket and a post office, a cafe, veterinary surgery, Indian restaurant, pub and hairdressers. We can also take you to the larger Morrisons store in nearby Cambourne. The village is 7 miles from Huntingdon and 14 miles from Cambridge, for a wider variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment.

What will I achieve on the programme?

This varies from person to person. The programme aims to prepare you for employment and to identify a chosen career path with a view to finding work. The programme will also support you with your independence, improving confidence and rebuilding your life. We focus on relaxation, physiotherapy and gym programmes to develop physical and cardiovascular stamina and independent living skills.