Fundraising ideas

If you need a little inspiration to come up with a great fundraising event, take a look at some of our suggestions.


The A to Z of fundraising ideas:

Art Exhibition

Ask local artists to lend you works of art and charge people entry to the exhibition.

Beat the goalie

Challenge your friends to pay to play in a beat the goalie competition or a mini World Cup.

Coffee and cakes morning

Bake and sell cakes at a coffee morning at home or work.

Dinner party

Decorate your dining room and show off your culinary ability with a 3 course dinner party. Ask your friends to bring a bottle and a donation.

Eighties night

Arrange an eighties night and charge for entry.

Film evening

Organise a day or evening of themed films and food, ask people to dress up and charge an entrance fee.

Get sponsored

Get sponsorship to grow a beard, shave off your hair or wear an outrageous outfit for a day.

Halloween party

Arrange a Halloween party and charge for entry.


Offer your household skills out for hire to busy friends.

Jeans day

Charge £1 for your friends or colleagues to go to work in their favourite jeans.


Arrange a karaoke night and charge people entry.

Late to work week

Ask your colleagues to pay a fee if they're late to work, or want to leave early.


Are you good at something? Why not run a masterclass and charge people entry.

Name swap day

Swap names with a friend or colleague and invite people to sponsor you to keep it up.

Online auction

If you've got unwanted items at home, why not sell them online and donate the proceeds to Papworth Trust?

Pyjama party

Get sponsored to go to school or work in your pyjamas.


Organize a quiz and charge people for entering a team.

Rock 'n roll night

Arrange a rock 'n roll night and charge people entry.


Whether you're an individual or a team, get sponsorship for swimming a certain number of lengths.

Treasure hunt

Arrange a treasure hunt and charge a fee for entry.

Unwanted gifts day

Invite your colleagues to take unwanted gifts to work to sell during a lunch break.

Vintage wine tasting

Arrange a vintage wine tasting evening and charge people to take part.

Wax your body

Get sponsored to wax your body hair, or shave off the hair on your head.

X-Factor style competition

Organise a talent competition and charge entry for the final.

Yo-yo competition

Organise a yo-yo competition and charge people to enter.

Zoo-themed dress-down

Challenge your friends and colleagues to dress up in zoo-themed clothing and charge a fee.